Paper Recycling

For those looking to reduce the waste stream, recycling paper is the perfect way to do it. Especially since paper is being wasted in large quantities all year long. This process implies recovering a lot of fiber from paper, which can be reused and transformed into cardboard, new paper or various paper items. It is true that recycling paper is not as effective as metal or glass recycling, but it is a great way to aid the environment and conserve the resources.

When you decide to recycle paper, you manage to diminish the waste or water, energy, trees and the number of pollutants that are emitted by the plants which are transformed into paper. Studies claim that recycling paper can have a 40% higher effectiveness than building paper from nothing in an ecological manner. Those who want to recycle in an eco-friendly manner can use bleaching non-toxic elements, alternative energy and recovered water in order to process the paper (not fresh water).

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