Pirra are no strangers to performing live and collectively have amassed over 200 shows since 2012. They’ve performed on the festival scene with appearances at Woodford Folk Festival and Sydney Opera House’s Homeground Festival and were handpicked to showcase at APRA Song Summit.

    Backstage, Pirra are a strangely unorthodox family band, sporting relationships, sibling rivalry and subtle competiveness bound together by a seemingly levelheaded mediator. No subject taboo, Pirra entertain the serious hilarities that exist all around us only to be harmonized and beat mashed into what they call their songwriting style – effortlessly melding pop melodies, bluesy riffs with catchy vocals and dark sultry undertones.

    Pirra will showcase at the opening night of AWME at The Arts Centre, Playhouse with Skipping Girl Vinegar on Thursday 12 November 2015.